The Mandrake Root

Alternative edit of Movie - includes Machiavelli's full prologue 

Adapted & Directed: Malachi Bogdanov

Produced: Simon M Woods

Associate Producers: Carlo Dessi & Rosanna Castangia


Cast: Geffory Bateman, Chara Jackson, Jason Nicoli, Jonathan Owen, Craig Painting, Mike Rogers, Den Woods, Emanuela di Biase, Mario Olivieri, Andrea Foddai


Length: 74 minutes   

Shooting Format: HD1080 25p 

Aspect Ratio: 16:9

Language: English + English & Italian Subtitles 

A bawdy carry on up the Renaissance, The Mandrake Root is a faithful adaption of Machiavelli’s 1518 comedy La Mandragola. A huge hit when first performed it is a hilarious tale of cunning, deceit and desire, providing an alternative view of the author of The Prince, whose name has become synonymous with political intrigue and treachery but was in reality a great lover of life, considered by his friends to be a poet and wit. Complete with Machiavelli’s original prologue. The fast paced story takes place over 24-hours and its main theme is deception, with each character believing that he or she is shrewder than the next.     

The Story

On returning from Paris a young man, Callimaco, is overcome by the beauty of Lucrezia, the young and virtuous wife of an old and foolish lawyer Nicia. With the help of his servant and a dubious and self-interested fixer Ligurio, Callimaco is determined to bed her.


Having tricked Nicia into allowing Lucrezia to sleep with him , Callimaco confesses all and she decides that due to the stupidity of her husband and deception of her mother and priest she will continue to be his lover and ‘what her husband wanted her to have for one night, she now wants him to have forever.’ 

Stills from the movie



Please count me among the European Drama company's sincere and enthusiastic fans! The film unfolds with a rhythm, tempo, agility, and grace that remained faithful to the text. The direction and skilled actors were able to maintain Machiavelli's wit while updating his humour. A genuine tour de force and a great, great pleasure to watch.

Michael E Brint

It is very rare for me to laugh out loud watching a video, but I did so for this charming comedy. It is trite, silly, and fluffy; so are the tales of Boccaccio, and, like Boccaccio, "The Mandrake Root" transports the sympathetic viewer to Renaissance Florence and the eagerness of its residents to make fun of themselves.

David K Jordan

Witty, bawdy and screamingly funny, this production of The Mandrake Root beautifully captures Machiavelli's boisterous comic spirit  

Ross King