Homer's The Odyssey is the first recognisable novel in western literature, still relevant because it speaks about the human condition. This trailer was originally made as a fund raising promotion to produce a complete movie in its original Ancient Greek together with Latin for free distribution multiple subtitled languages. A foreign film in every language this film this is a contemporary interpretation of Homer’s epic poem set in the modern day. 

Produced by European Drama Network in association with the Sardinian Film Festival

Loosely based on a stage version directed and adapted by Malachi Bogdanov produced by Simon M Woods in Birmingham that also featured an original score by George Emmanuel Lazaridis.  


The opening 21 lines of The Odyssey in Ancient Greek is Homer's dedication to the muse and Athene's preface of the story, shot in ultra HD on location in Stintino on the Mediterranean island of Sardinia. 



Homer Giles Terera

Athene Michela Sale Musio



Directed Malachi Bogdanov

Produced & Edited Simon M Woods

Associate Producer Carlo Dessi

Screenplay Simon M Woods & Malachi Bogdanov

Script & Speech Consultant Lucy Felmingham-Cockburn

Director of Photography Matt Rozier

Sound Design Neil Hillman

Music George Emmanuel Lazaridis

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