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European Drama Network founded by Simon M Woods and is an UK independent film production company specialising in movies of classic plays and books, distributing them online and in cinema and on TV. 


Simon M Woods was the original manager of the reggae band UB40 in the 1980's and set up the hugely successful record label Dep International. After stints in education and arts marketing from the mid 1990's until 2006 he was CEO of Birmingham School of Acting, where he started the BRUMMIEWOOD short film project, producing 26 award winning short films, before merging the school with Birmingham City University and leaving to set up European Drama Network.


Based in Warwickshire, England he has worked Sardinia, Italy where he produced The Mandrake Root with director Malachi Bogdanov and is developing a film of Homer's The Odyssey loosely based on a play From Ithaca With Love he produced in Birmingham. European Drama Network also produced the short film The Inferno Show Presents Machiavelli The Prince of Comedy in conjunction with Warwick Business School.

Simon M Woods


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Poster from the theatre production

Extract from the live theatre production in 2006